UK tourists heading to France and Germany need to 'give notice' 30 days before

Drivers heading over the Channel to Europe this summer have been warned that they need to "do their research". 68 per cent of people will be travelling to their holiday destination by road with popular destinations including France and Germany.

Germany is playing host to Euro 2024 - with England and Scotland fans making the trip. Ahead of the big summer getaway, drivers and motirsts have been warned they must ensure that they have the correct level of coverage on their policy to allow them to drive in European Union countries for up to 30 days.

Louise Thomas, motoring expert at car insurance, urged motorists to check their car insurance policies before setting off as it may make the journeys easier. She said: “Given Europe seems just a stone's throw away, it’s not surprising that taking a road trip is becoming a popular choice for those heading on holiday.

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"Having your own car gives you more flexibility. You can load up with as much luggage as you like -as long as it doesn’t compromise your driving. And, you can even share the load with another driver if they are insured to do so."

Ms Thomas added: “If you're planning a European road trip this summer, it might be to explore the French countryside or to see your team at the Euros. You need to do your research before you leave. But if in doubt, always speak to your insurer as they will know best what you are and aren’t covered for."

This was Scotland’s 12th tournament and in 50% of those they have failed to win a match - at the 1954, 1958, 1986 and 1998 World Cups and Euro 2020 and 2024. Scotland had just 17 shots at Euro 2024 in total – since the group stage was introduced in 1980, that is the joint fewest by any nation in a group stage, along with Northern Ireland at Euro 2016.