UK tourists in Majorca told to 'leave' after making life 'hard' for locals

UK tourists in Spain have been warned "it's hard" as expats living in Majorca share the toughest part of living on the Balearic Islands. UK holidaymakers and tourists contemplating a move out to the sun-kissed holiday hotspot have been warned over the worst aspect of life on the European Union island.

Speaking on her YouTube Channel Mallorca Under The Sun, Alex shared: “The busyness extends not just to buses but also just life in general. [It's] packed everywhere on the island in the summer can be a pain for people living here.

“It can be hard to find a table in a really popular restaurant, you have to book ages in advance. The beaches are packed. After you’ve been here for a few years, some people just do not like the summer months. On the island.”

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“This is a great time to leave, leave the tourists to enjoy the really high temperatures in Mallorca, also take a break as well," she said. To avoid these frustrations, Alex recommends leaving the island during the peak months, she told her YouTube viewers.

Prominent spots like Port Andratx, Santa Ponsa, and Palma Nova stand out as three of the most favoured areas among British property buyers. These locales offer an enticing array of luxury villas, sea-view apartments, and traditional Mallorcan houses.

Every year more than 2.3 million British tourists enjoy holidaying on Mallorca, which accounts for around 26% of the total tourist traffic. In Majorca, inflation is currently at 5.8 per cent. The increase in tourism prices can be partly attributed to this global price surge.

The President of the Mallorca Council, Catalina Cladera, said previously they want “tourism of greater value and less volume”. Cladera admitted that “the recurring debate about overcrowding is back”. “I won’t deny it, there has been overcrowding this summer,” she said.

“However, only in some places and at certain times.”