UK tourists in Norway warned over 'annoying mistake' and 'don't underestimate it'

UK tourists in Norway have been warned over an "annoying mistake" they are all making. A Norwegian resident has shared the major problem with tourists visiting Norway in a now-viral Reddit thread which has received dozens of responses.

A local said: “Our problem is primarily hyping of destinations in Norway on social media and the internet overall. The tourists they often attract are very unprepared despite many warnings and signs put up in the parking where you normally ascend.

“They underestimate how far it is even though they’re told it’s many tens of kilometres and this many hours normally one way. They underestimate the terrain, the weather, how fast it might change, their skills and how much time they use.

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“They start wandering in shorts, flip flops, rain poncho and selfie sticks in the late afternoon and have to be rescued before they’re halfway up.” Another said: "I’m a American tourist now in Norway. Where I live we’re surrounded by mountains over 4000 meters (Colorado).

"But something about the mountains rising from the sea here seems more dramatic. While it may seem very touristy, I loved the open air museum of old houses in Oslo. We are here for two months. So far nothing is disappointing. I’ll edit if we find something."

Another agreed and typed: "Maybe a bit of unshared opinion but: I feel like the atlantic scenic road thing was the biggest rip off. It was really expensive and tbh. there is sooo many similar bridges and spots in Norway that are on a similar level so I don't really get the hype."

"Just moved to Norway from Finland recently and honestly they're pretty similar with each other, including culture and behaviour of citizens. Both like the privacy. Only thing that can be difficult is the language, especially If you're not good with Swedish. I personally only had it for 3 years from grades 7-9 and performed awfully," another reasoned.

"Year before the move I practiced a lot and I'd say I survive 85% of conversations just fine currently."