UK tourists in Paris told 'avoid' and warned 'it's really not worth it'

UK tourists in Paris have been warned "avoid" after a travel expert issued a warning and alert about visiting the popular Louvre. A travel expert spoke out about the overcrowded holiday destinations they'd leave off their bucket list.

Timon van Basten, travel expert and founder of Travel Spain 24, said: “Sure the Mona Lisa is cool to glimpse for half a second through the throngs of delirious selfie-snappers. But is it really worth standing in the shadeless queue for ages?"

He added: "Simply to be herded like cattle through the chaos they call a crowd flow system?” Instead, the travel expert warned Brits to check out the Musee Rodin for fewer crowds or check out some of the Louvre’s quieter galleries.

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The Louvre will be visited by millions this year - and plenty of UK tourists are due to head abroad to France and hop over the English Channel for the forthcoming Olympics in Paris in France in August. The event kicks off in late July.

Paris plays a fundamental role in supporting travel and tourism in France. In 2022, the total number of tourist arrivals to Paris and Île-de-France, the region surrounding the French capital, exceeded 40 million, with many attending from Britain.

44 million attended last year - with Brits falling behind Americans and French natives in the list of where visitors are heading from. “After travel restrictions were lifted most countries reopened, tourism picked up again from 2021, driven initially by domestic customers then by people from neighbouring and more recently by tourists from further afield. But some Asian countries are still behind usual numbers,” the regional committee explained.

Spanish (1.5 million) and Italians (1.5 million). Belgians were also among the top nationalities, with 1.2 million visitors, research shows. The Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower were the two most visited Parisian attractions and the Versailles palace was the most visited destination in the region.