UK tourists in Portugal told to 'avoid' and locals warn them to make visit brief

UK tourists in Portugal have been warned to avoid "two" parts of the country if they're heading abroad for a European Union holiday this year. Holidaymakers have been told to stay away from two places in the holiday destination.

A United States of American expat in Portugal has warned about the worst places to move to in the country as there's 'nothing there'. Terry Coles moved to Portugal from the US, and on YouTube via the International Living channel, she said expats should avoid Alentejo and Monsato.

“Portugal is one of the most popular destinations among retirees and for a good reason; the visa process is easy, we boast over 300 days of sunshine a year depending on where you settle in the country,” the content creator said.

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“There’s a large expat network, excellent healthcare, in both the public and the private system, beautiful scenery, medieval villages and gorgeous coastline and English is widely spoken depending on where you live."

The places to avoid in Portugal include Monsanto and Alentejo, she said. “There’s nothing there as far as hospitals, grocery stores or expats so it’s a place you only want to go visit and not live," noted Terry.

“Alentejo is very rural, there’s really not much there," said Terry. "The city of Evora receives a lot of tourists but other than that, Alentejo in itself is farmland.” But the expat had nicer things to say about the likes of Lagos and Lisbon.

“Lisbon combines old-world charm with all the modern conveniences needed to feel at home, with some of the best weather in Europe,” said Terry. On Porto, Terry said: “It’s rich in culture and history and this is another part of Portugal where English is commonly spoken.”

“A few hours south of Libson is the Algarve region, with some of the warmest weather in the country,” said Terry.