UK tourists in Spain warned 'there's too many people from England'

People from the UK are being "targeted" in a resort in Spain - because there are "too many" people from England visiting. A couple say their car was scrawled with graffitti in a bright pink colour of spray paint after locals clocked the UK registration plate.

The couple from Horsham in West Sussex said they initially felt embraced by the "very friendly" local residents but locals targeted them outside the Nobu restaurant in June 2023 in Marbella. The woman said: "It seems to be that English reg cars are being targeted as part of feeling that there are too many Brits in Spain.

"I think it's quite sad there is so much building happening now and housing is being sold to tourists but mainly where we are it has been to Russians, not Brits." And another said: "I just think it's sad Marbella is a lovely place to live and the Spanish are normally very friendly."

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"I never expected that someone would do something like this to us just because we're British." In reply, a reader said: "What is it with certain British people's obsession, almost fetish, with constant sun? Don't they know that too much sun is bad for them?

"Their decamping to Spain, or Cyprus for that matter, ruins the character of those countries' culture." A second typed: "There’s only so much olive oil and cheese I can eat , cause that’s all the Spaniards export rely on tourism and your economy will fail."

"2 cars sounds to me like I person with a grudge. I have had a spanish second home near marbellafor more than 20 years and see no evidence of anti British sentiment. There are loads of brit cars on holiday without issues. It's the press who are revving these stories," another said.

"It's funny how the right whinge complain when Brits move abroad, turn areas into mini Britain with their shops and sunday lunches, don't bother to learn the language etc etc," another laughed.