UK tourists in Spain warned 'it's a trap' and told 'speak to an agent'

A UK tourist in Spain who has moved to the European Union holiday hotspot permanently has warned over a "trap". The expat has warned Brits not to make a healthcare mistake if they're contemplating heading abroad for a new life in the sun.

James Blick, a New Zealand-born expat in Spain from Spain Revealed, said there are a few "common regrets" from people who move to Spain. One major mistake is "getting health insurance the wrong way", he warned in a viral video.

Telling potential expats the "mistakes to avoid when moving to Spain", James warned. He said: "Healthcare is important for two reasons when moving to Spain. One, obviously you want to have healthcare because you want to be looked after. Two, you possibly need private healthcare in order to get the visa you need to move to Spain."

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Private healthcare companies provide "perfect healthcare policies for people moving here that suit the immigration requirements and fully cover you for anything that might happen". But the "trap" is "going straight to the private healthcare companies".

James said this is a "problem" because now the insurance company is the expat's first point of communication for the duration of the policy. You will end up speaking to a call centre operator who may not speak good English - or be very "helpful".

James said: "You want a personalised service. In order to get your private healthcare set up, I'd always recommend going through an agent or broker." James warned a the broker or agent is ideal as the the person you communicate with if any issues arise.

They are likely able to "speak great English" and will be accustomed to people who have moved to Spain from overseas from the likes of Britain, Germany and beyond, the YouTube content creator said.