UK tourists told to 'avoid' Dubrovnik in Croatia travel warning

Dubrovnik in Croatia
Dubrovnik in Croatia -Credit:Getty

Tourists planning a holiday to Croatia have been alerted to potential overcrowding warnings, specifically in the popular location of Dubrovnik which is renowned as a shooting venue for Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

A traveller took to Reddit to caution fellow holidaymakers, saying: "End of July is high season in Croatia, so crowds are to be expected. Someone already mentioned inland Croatia as an option for your potentially less-crowded second week, and I would also suggest to look up Zagorje (northern part of the country), inland Istria (lots of cute villages to visit, and not far from Krk), and the regions of Gorski Kotar and Lika (mountainous parts of Croatia)."

Another joined in and shared: "We did a lot of Croatia a some summers ago, it was REALLY crowded! Not even the cities but places like the Piltvace Lakes were insane; also very hot! But there is a reason they are all there, it is worth it if you can handle the crowds!"

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Others highlighted that: "Croatia has about 237 'tourist beds' per 1000 inhabitants. I recently made a map that covers this for most of Europe."

Another added perspective, stating: "With the human population continuously growing such things are only going to become more and more common in Europe which has so many beautiful cities.", reports Birmingham Live.

"Tourism is killing life in many European city destinations. It has become very hard to find affordable apartment for long term rent so young people move out to suburbs. Many owners ask people to move out before June and then they make more money over summer," one person commented.

"It's extremely touristy, huge boats are coming in and out bringing thousands of tourists in the very small old town. After 9am it's packed and really not enjoyable anymore," another added. A third person said: "Croatia is amazing but this city doesn't represent it well. It's super expensive and very, very touristy."

"Even worse when cruise ships roll in. Explore the rest of the country too."