UK tourists urged to 'avoid' Paris and Amsterdam or lose £68

The top 12 cheapest European holiday destinations have been revealed - and they include Paris, Madrid and Berlin. But topping the table is Warsaw, which clocks in at just £38 for a hotel room per person per night, according to research.

Quotezone's 12 best city breaks show Warsaw, Poland top of the list followed by second placed Zagreb, Croatia and Istanbul, Turkey in third. Lisbon, Portugal is fourth, ahead of Madrid, Spain and Athens, Greece, which are fifth and sixth respectively.

The rest of the top ten includes Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany as well as Rome, Italy and London, UK, and the fianl two, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Paris, France. Warsaw as also found to have the cheapest hotel prices starting at €45.60 (approximately £39.20) per night, and one-day public transport tickets costing just €1.02 (approximately £0.88).

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A meal in Warsaw can be enjoyed for just €9.30 (around £8) and a beer to accompany your dinner will set you back only €3.72 (roughly £3.20). That is compared to London, where the average pint costs a hefty £5.90 amid the ongoing Cost of Living crisis.

Zagreb, Croatia is ranked as the second most affordable city break, with the cheapest beer prices (€3.00 for 0.5 litres) and charging visitors just €1 a day. The city named as the worst location in Europe for budget breaks this summer is Paris, France – which has some of the highest hotel prices (€117.25 per night).

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands charges visitors the most tourist tax in Europe, has the most expensive hotel costs at over €120 a night - way up on the £38 Warsaw costs, or 44 euros, which is 80 cheaper than Paris and France. Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone said: “This summer many travellers will be opting for a city break that doesn’t break the bank. A recent Quotezone survey found 35% of people end up spending more than they want to on holiday.

“Our team looked at the twelve most visited cities across Europe, ranking them for distance from the city centre to the airport, tourist tax and key prices such as meals, beers and public transport tickets. It’s vitally important that travellers look at all of the holiday costs before going away. There could be some expensive surprises they didn’t expect to pay for – such as tourist tax.

“Overall, our European Budget Holiday Index found Warsaw, Poland to be the best capital city for an affordable summer city break – with cheap hotels, meals and transport costs. Paris, France has been named the most expensive capital city, as it has an expensive tourist tax in place, and high prices for meals, beer and hotels.

“It’s sensible for holidaymakers to help protect themselves financially with travel insurance, even if it’s just for a mini-break, flight delays and cancellations are increasingly common and pickpocketing is a concern amongst these popular city destinations.”