UK tourists in Venice hit out at '£257 daily rule' and say 'people shouldn't go'

UK tourists in Venice hit out at £257 daily rule and say 'people shouldn't go'
UK tourists in Venice hit out at £257 daily rule and say 'people shouldn't go' -Credit:No credit

Holidaymakers travelling to Venice have been told they face footing a hefty £257 fine if they don't adhere to a crucial regulation. The exquisite Italian city, a popular destination amongst UK tourists, is now enforcing this rule which could see Brits shelling out more than £250 if non-compliance occurs.

Venice, annually frequented by approximately 30 million globetrotters, many of whom only dedicate a single day to explore its beautifully preserved historic centre, has implemented a £4.29 (€5) fee on certain days for anyone not planning an overnight stay.

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Visitors are required to obtain a QR code between 8.30am and 4pm local time. Failure to do so could result in fines starting from £42 (€50) to the staggering amount of £257 (€300).

Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice, said: "Venice is a fragile city, an ancient city with 1600 years of history, it has an extremely delicate balance, and we need to protect it."

He continued, adding: "We are doing this with great humility, with the desire to show we can move from words to action.", reports Birmingham Live.

He extended his apologies if any inconvenience arises from the new rules or if visitors experience slight delays during their trip, however, he reassured travellers that these measures are undertaken with the principal aim of preserving "this world heritage".

Brugnaro thanked everyone for contributing to this safeguarding initiative by stating: "Thank you again for your contribution, for your patience and for coming to Venice."

This entry fee solely affects day-trippers. If you've organised accommodation where the Venice tourist tax applies, rest assured, you won't be hit with the €5 entry charge.

UK travellers planning a trip to Venice will need to register their visit, with accommodation providers set to provide a facility code required for the process, as per the latest travel advice.

One Brit reacted to the update, commenting: "Sounds like the tourists in London except they are paid and stay. I have visited Venice in the Winter, quiet and virtually no tourists."

Another shared their less than stellar experience: "Been once, I was totally underwhelmed, dirty water, smelly and they're ready to rip you off big style."

A third person expressed frustration over perceived unwelcoming attitudes in some European destinations, saying: "Why do UK people want to go to these countries like Italy and Spain they don't us , they give any excuse to charge people extra , people should give them a miss and go where they're made welcome ( certainly not these countries)! ".