UK tourists warned Amalfi Coast holidays are at risk because 'it's rammed'

UK tourists visiting the Amalfi Coast have been warned the region has been "saturated" by visitors due to the success of Netflix show Ripley. Ripley, starring Andrew Scott, dropped on the streaming service last week - and is set on the Amalfi Coast.

Airbnb says it recorded a 93 per cent increase in bookings to the Atrani area after the release of Ripley this month. The show is based on the Patricia Highsmith novel and is bringing a surge in visitors to the Amalfi Coast as Brits jet away for spring and summer.

Antonio Buonocore, who runs the beachside restaurant Le Arcate, told the Guardian newspaper: “The impeccable photography has certainly brought our little village extra publicity.” Antonella Florio, of Maison Escher apartments, said: “This coast is saturated with overtourism.

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"If more visitors come because of the series, I sincerely hope they come in low season.” Luisa Criscolo, property manager at Chiara’s House, said: “If tourism does grow, the risk is that it’s not managed intelligently. Our village can’t cope with huge numbers of tourists. Cars, buses and motorbikes leave the traffic paralysed.

"The authorities need to keep a decent amount of places open longer so some visits can be channelled to other times of year, and must also encourage use of waterborne transport, and offer more frequent services on smaller buses.”

“We left the crowds behind and walked to Atrani over hills via Torre dello Ziro. Up there, you see no one. After steep steps down to the village, we had a swim, and a drink at Bar Nettuno, then walked the coast road back to Amalfi," another said, citing the fact the beaches were "rammed".

Atrani is situated in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. It is located to the east of Amalfi, several minutes drive down the coast.