UK weather: Britain could see 20C sunshine within weeks

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The UK is set to enjoy a welcome spell of warm and sunny weather within weeks, as temperatures could rise to up to 20C.

Temperatures have inched higher of late following a wet and windy month, particularly along the western flank of the country and in northern areas.

With an end to the tumultuous weather in sight, Britons can finally make preparations for balmier conditions – with forecasters pointing to highs of 20C by the end of the Easter weekend.

According to the Met Office’s long-range forecast, early April will bring more settled conditions, with drier interludes becoming increasingly likely.

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Despite a chance of wetter, potentially thundery conditions at times, temperatures will generally be above average for the time of year.

From 7 April onwards, forecasters predict a general trend toward less unsettled conditions.

“Still some wetter weather at times, with occasional showers, which could be heavy or thundery. However, most areas are likely to see some spells of dry weather, with potential frost and some fog overnight,” the Met Office notes.

“The chances of strong winds are probably lower than normal, and whilst temperatures are likely to generally be near to slightly above normal, cooler spells remain possible.”

Separately, forecasters at the British Weather Services say that a northerly breeze pushing to the UK over Ireland in the run-up to Easter.

A northerly breeze will be heading to the UK over Ireland in the lead-up to Easter, which will hopefully then settle down.

Senior meteorological consultant Jim Dale said that, combined with the angle of the sun, these conditions would bring a higher chance of warmer weather.

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Speaking to The Mirror, he said that temperatures could top 20C by Easter Monday, with the south and east of England most likely to enjoy the warmer weather.

“We’re starting to come out of it just in time for Easter, and we’re likely to see some high pressure come on just before Good Friday,” he said.

“It’s not a given, but there are good signs that this kind of change of fortunes will arrive just in time for Easter.

“If we give it some time - and I’m not just talking about Good Friday or the Saturday, but certainly the back end of the bank holiday weekend and the week that follows for the school holidays - it does look like it might well become warmer.”

The Met Office told The Independent, however, that due to Easter still being more than two weeks away, it was “much too early to give any detail for the weather forecast as yet.”

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Five-day Met Office outlook


Sunny spells and scattered blustery showers.


Sunny spells and showers, these heaviest and most frequent in the south and west accompanied by gusty winds. Cloudier across Scotland with rain and drizzle at times.


Rain and showers continuing for many, Northern Ireland and much of Scotland seeing the most persistent rain. Turning wintry over high ground.


Sunny spells and showers for most. These heaviest and most frequent in north where they will be wintry over high ground. More persistent rain arriving in far southwest towards evening.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Rain clearing the south Sunday morning then turning colder with wintry showers, especially across the northeast. Cold but mostly dry Monday after a frost then turning milder and wetter Tuesday.