UK weather: Snow forecast in Scotland and Wales as temperatures plunge

Rory Sullivan
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A couple are pictured on a walk in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, on 30 November, 2020.  (PA)
A couple are pictured on a walk in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, on 30 November, 2020. (PA)

The UK will be gripped by colder temperatures over the coming days, with snow predicted to fall over the higher parts of Scotland and Wales.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice in areas of Scotland from Wednesday to Friday as an unstable weather front sweeps over Britain.

Aidan McGivern, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The weather turns colder during the next few days with wintry showers in places, especially for Scotland.

“Elsewhere, over upland parts of the UK, we could also see some snowfall."

Outbreaks of rain are forecast for northern England and western Wales on Wednesday morning but are expected to clear by the afternoon.

There will also be brighter spells in Scotland and Northern Ireland but also “frequent blustery showers”, with snow likely to build up over the Scottish mountains, forecasters said.

“In parts of Scotland, we could even see snow falling at lower levels overnight,” Mr McGivern said.

The Met Office’s weather warnings for snow and ice on Wednesday and Thursday warn travellers in central and northwest Scotland their journeys may be affected.

There could also be some snowfall over Dartmoor in England on Thursday, according to Mr McGivern.

On Friday morning, the national weather service has a snow warning in place for higher places in central and northeast Scotland.

Temperatures across the UK will be below average for this time of year across the UK.

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