UK weather forecast: Britain set for hotter weather after coldest autumn temperature recorded

Andy Gregory
Sunnier weather is expected this week after much of the UK hit by long period of rain: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The UK looks set to enjoy the warmest and driest weather of October over the new few days, despite entering the week with the coldest temperature recorded so far this autumn.

While the mercury plummeted to -4.8C in Tulloch Bridge in northern Scotland on Monday morning, Scotland and Northern Ireland are due a respite from the recent spate of cold and rainy weather.

The Met Office downplayed reports of both an Indian summer and plummeting temperatures, predicting fairly typical, if slightly more pleasant, conditions for the final weeks of October.

Across the UK, the week ahead is forecasted to be mixed, with relatively dry days bookending more unpredictable weather in the middle of the week as two opposing weather systems move in from the northwest and southeast.

On Monday, London and the southeast should bear the brunt of the remaining wind and rainfall.

“It’s probably going to be feeling quite disappointing and cold in that southeast corner,” said Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall. “But they are the exception today because most of the UK it’s looking like a dry day.”

Most areas on Tuesday are expected to again have a “fine” day, with predicted temperatures of up to 16C and rare patches of rain and heavier winds in northern Scotland expected to be “the exception rather than the rule”.

"No Indian summer, but better weather than we’ve had so far this October because a lot of places have just had rain for most days, so there’s promise of a little bit more dry weather," Mr Miall said.

By Wednesday, however, the picture becomes more complicated as we become “sandwiched between two weather fronts.

“For many areas during Wednesday and Thursday there will be the chance of some rain – the heaviest probably across the north and west of the country, with the best of the drier weather somewhere through central and southwestern parts,” Mr Miall said. “But the risk of rain is possible almost anywhere.”

By Friday the wetter weather is forecasted to be consigned to the northwest, with temperatures of up to 17C in the southeast, however the Met Office said moderate winds will keep things feeling fairly autumnal.

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