UK weather forecast: Met Office issues weather warnings with two weeks of rain set to fall in 30 hours

Katy Clifton
A flood warning has been issued across parts of the UK: PA

Britain is braced for a washout weekend with forecasters warning of two weeks worth of rain in the space 30 hours.

Heavy and persistent rain is expected across the country on Saturday with parts of the Midlands that have struggled with heavy flooding set to be hit by another deluge.

Yellow warnings for rain have been issued for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in southwestern England and parts of Scotland.

The rain was due to start in south-west England from 12pm on Friday and last until 6pm on Saturday - meaning a deluge for roughly 30 hours.

About 20 to 30mm of rain is expected widely in the region, though the up-slopes of Dartmoor in south Devon could see 40 to 50mm of rain.

People walk with umbrellas in Sheffield (PA Wire/PA Images)

The average rainfall for Devon and Cornwall during November is roughly 135 to 45mm.

A spokesman for the Met Office added that areas such as Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire will see persistent rain arriving from the south early on Saturday morning, which will last through most of the day.

According to the Met Office, rain will be heavy at times, especially on hills where the rainfall could also reach up to 40 to 50mm.

The region is still recovering from heavy flooding that caused devastation in many communities in the last two weeks.

Luke Miall, forecaster at the Met Office, said that although it will be a wet weekend, "temperatures will be milder".

A person with an umbrella walks under the rain (AFP via Getty Images)

"On Saturday we're looking at temperatures between 8C and 11C, and maximum temperatures on Sunday will be around 12C," he said.

Mr Miall said the next week is also looking unsettled and said forecasters are anticipating having to issue further warnings.

On Friday, 19 households evacuated from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire after a landslip during the floods were allowed to return home.

Some 60 residents had been forced to live with friends, family or in temporary accommodation for more than two weeks while efforts were made to stabilise the cliff face at Berry Hill Quarry site.

Met Office data up to November 17 shows that Nottinghamshire has seen the most rain of all UK counties compared with the average, having seen 189 per cent of its monthly average already.

There are currently 45 flood alerts and six flood warnings in place that have been issued by the Environment Agency. Four of the flood warnings are in the Midlands.

Wet weather is also expected to develop across north-eastern Scotland from Saturday afternoon.

The Met said that general rainfall of 20-40mm was likely through Aberdeenshire, and areas of high ground could reach 60-80 mm in addition to thawing snow.