UK weather: Landlady of London pub posts video of floodwaters outside her window

  • The landlady at an historic riverside pub in London shared pictures of water lapping at the windows

  • It comes amid warnings of further flooding across the UK

  • Weather warnings and flood warnings are in place ahead of Storm Ciaran

Bulls Head flooding
Water regularly laps at the windows of the Bulls Head at Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, London. (Twitter/BullsHead)

As parts of the UK brace themselves for further flooding, one pub in London is used to seeing water creeping up its windows.

The Grade II-listed Bulls Head in Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, floods regularly when the River Thames rises, but landlady Barbara Smith says they don't let it get them down.

Smith, who posted videos of water lapping at the historic building's windows, said it doesn't always come through, but does start seeping through the walls when it gets particularly high.

Her comments come amid further warnings of flooding and transport disruption in Northern Ireland amid an amber rain warning – the second highest level of warning available – ahead of Storm Ciaran.

Across the UK the Environment Agency has issued more than 70 flood warnings in advance of Storm Ciaran reaching land on Wednesday while yellow weather warnings for rain have been issued by the Met Office from Monday until Thursday.

Some parts of the UK are already flooded after Storm Babet.

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Smith, who has been running the Bulls Head for six years, said: "The water never actually comes through the window, but in one of the rooms when it gets really, really high it starts coming through the wall."

She said the water rises around the pub around ten times a year.

"The customers love it, it's a real talking point," she told Yahoo News UK. "When it comes up over the towpath you can't get out of the front door - we have a back door, but we like to joke that people are marooned here at the pub. Some just sit on the tables and wait for the water to go down."

She said the flooding reminds her and others of how historic the building is, adding: "In 1932 they called us the last village in London and I kind of feel like we're still that."

The Bulls Head in Strand on the Green, Chiswick
The Bulls Head floods ten times a year, its landlady said. (Google Maps)

Storm Ciaran

The Met Office has warned of between 25mm and 50mm of rain in places, and up to 100mm also possible over higher ground, with risks of possible flooding.

Met Office meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “We’ve had various warnings in force across the UK over the last few days and there are plenty more being issued for the next couple of days.

“The main focus in the next day or two is towards the east of Scotland and north-east England where there is a yellow rain warning until 3am.

He said Tuesday was expected to be still unsettled but quieter before heavy winds and longer spells of rain develop on Wednesday night into Thursday as Storm Ciaran arrives.

He said: “There are possible gusts of 80 to 90 miles an hour in some exposed southern areas. It’s probably quite a nasty storm this one.”

Gusting winds

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Chris Almond said: “Winds associated with Storm Ciaran are likely to gust to 80mph along the south coast of England, with a small risk of somewhere exposed seeing 90mph, and winds could even gust up to 50 or 60mph further inland.

“This deep, low-pressure system will also bring heavy rain to much of the UK, but the heaviest rain is expected in southern and western areas, with 20 to 25mm quite widely across the region but up to 40 to 60mm potentially over higher ground.

“Heavy and persistent rain will fall on to already saturated ground bringing a risk of further impacts such as flooding in areas that are already struggling to clean up from the heavy rainfall we have seen over the last week or so.”

When water levels ride, people can paddle right up to the Bulls Head. (Twitter/BullsHead)
When water levels ride, people can paddle right up to the Bulls Head. (Twitter/BullsHead)

Advice for if it floods near you

Kate Marks, flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, said: “We urge people to stay safe on the coast and to remember to take extreme care on coastal paths and promenades.

“Flooding of low-lying coastal roads is also possible and people must avoid driving through floodwater, as just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.”

The weather is expected to worsen as the week progresses, with rain warnings in place until Wednesday and a “deep area of low pressure” set to arrive on Thursday which has been named by the Met Office as Storm Ciaran, which will bring strong winds and heavy rain to southern parts of England and Wales.