UK weather forecast: Storm Hannah officially named by forecasters and is set to lash UK and Ireland with severe gales

Jacob Jarvis

Storm Hannah is set to batter the UK and Ireland with winds of 70mph or more.

The storm will hit on Friday evening with Ireland set for the worst battering while south-western parts of the UK are also set to be affected.

The Met Office said on Thursday that its Irish partner had chosen to name the storm and new weather warnings are to be issued.

Spokesman Grahame Madge said this was due to "the impact they believe will affect the Republic of Ireland".

Ireland will be the worst hit (file photo)

On Wednesday, Met Eireann issued a Status Yellow advisory for Cork and Kerry, warning there would be "potential for stormy conditions for the south-west later on Friday and early Saturday".

This warning is due to start at 6pm on Friday and expire at 6am on Saturday.

Mr Madge reiterated that the system will affect Ireland most significantly.

However, he told the Standard winds of up to 60 knots, just shy of 70mph, could affect the worst hit parts of England and Wales.

Mr Madge said from early Friday winds will start to strengthen.

By the evening rush hour Storm Hannah would start to hit western Wales and parts of Scotland.

A Met Office update on Twitter said: "The storm will bring severe gales to Ireland on Friday night, with strong winds also expected for southern parts of the UK."

The storm comes after an abrupt end to the Bank Holiday heatwave, which was followed by heavy downpours across the UK.