UK weather map turns orange as 17C sunshine on way - but there's a catch

Warm weather is on the way
Warm weather is on the way -Credit:PA

Warm weather is set to return to the UK following a spate of unpredictable conditions. A mini-heatwave hit last week before rain returned to our shores with strong winds causing travel chaos in places.

But temperatures are set to rise again at the weekend with highs of 17C. Maps issued by forecasters at Ventusky show a high of 17C by 4pm on Sunday, stretching from London through to Birmingham and up to Manchester.

However, just 72 hours later the country is set to plunge back into cold and wet conditions. According to the same weather forecaster, by 4pm on Wednesday, April 24, temperatures will have dropped a full 10C down to 7C in Birmingham and just 10C in London, The Mirror reports.

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Other parts of the England will drop to just 5C while up in north-east Scotland it will be a lowly 3C. Rain is also expected up and down the country with even some snow expected in Aberdeenshire.

The Met Office has predicted that a heatwave could hit in May or June. For weather to be classed as a heatwave, temperatures of 28C have to hit for three consecutive days.

Warm weather is on the way
Warm weather is on the way -Credit:Ventusky

Oli Claydon, spokesman for the Met Office, said: "It could be May into June that we meet the heatwave threshold as there's nothing to indicate it sooner. There is some pleasant weather forecast this weekend for many, which will be a boost after unsettled weather recently.

"We have still got a showery picture this week. Then high pressure will return for the weekend, so it will feel very different on the weekend to what many are experiencing now.

"The best weather on the weekend will be in the south and the west as these areas will hold on to the brighter and sunnier conditions for the longest. We are looking at highs of 16C or 17C."