UK weather: Met Office issues three warnings as temperatures set to soar to 26C

As we head deeper into April and towards May, the UK has been told temperatures could soar with the country basking in the glow of warm sunshine over the first Bank Holiday weekend.
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The Met Office has forecasted a warm spell with temperatures potentially reaching 26C, but it comes with three warnings. The weather is set to improve over the next few days, with many parts of the UK experiencing bright and sunny conditions.

High pressure will dominate, leading to a rise in temperatures, with highs of 24C possible on Thursday and up to 26C in the south by Saturday.

Despite the majority of the UK basking in this pleasant weather, showers and more unsettled conditions are expected in the far north and northwest. The Met Office has also warned that the warm weather will result in increased UV levels, which are predicted to reach moderate to high across the UK in the coming days.

A spokesperson for the Met Office advised: "It is important that, if you are in an area that is particularly sunny over the next few days, you take steps to ensure that you and your family are protected from these increased UV levels."

In addition, they have issued a warning about rising pollen levels, stating: "Pollen levels also increase as the temperature rises, with medium to high levels over the next five days.", reports Bristol Live.

Lastly, the forecasters have cautioned that the warm weather won't last. Weather conditions are anticipated to return to a more unsettled pattern as we move into the new working week. Rain and showers are expected to start moving in from the west due to a developing low from the Atlantic.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Tony Wisson, has warned: "Many places will start fine and warm on Sunday, though it is likely to become cloudier from the west or southwest during the day. This will be accompanied by scattered showers, which could be heavy with thunder."

He added: "On Monday we're likely to see more widespread and longer-lived spells of rain, some of which will be heavy and thundery. This will also lead to a much cooler feel to the day."