Weather presenter insists he's 'fine' after broadcast ends abruptly on cliffhanger

Viewers were intrigued after the forecast came to a strange end

'There is no such thing as a snow bomb!': Liam Dutton blasts extreme weather warnings
Liam Dutton has explained what happened with his weather forecast. (Channel 4 Pictures)

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Weather presenter Liam Dutton has assured fans that he is “fine” after a hilarious gaffe saw his report come to an abrupt end.

The presenter was delivering his latest forecast on Channel 4 when he suddenly faded out and stared into the distance, before the broadcast ground to a halt entirely - leaving viewers wondering what had happened.

But he’s now explained that there was a mix up about the programme that aired.

What, how, and why?

In the broadcast, Dutton was telling viewers that there was going to be “a few patches of freezing fog” for some areas.

"But a cold night with widespread frost, temperatures below freezing and a risk of a few..." he continued, before tailing off and staring into the distance.

"Somebody has just opened the door,” he was heard saying, before his broadcast ended.

Viewers were left scratching their heads, with one asking on X: “Is he ok?”

“That is the eeriest ending to a weather forecast I’ve ever seen,” one viewer said.

“He’s gone,” said somebody else.

Another person posted: “We need to know what happened!! Is he still alive!!”

Liam Dutton's broadcast got people talking. (Channel 4 screengrab)
Liam Dutton's broadcast got people talking. (Channel 4 screengrab)

“Ghostwatch 2023...” joked one fan.

“Has anyone checked on Liam?” asked another confused viewer. “Who opened the door?! What a cliffhanger.”

“I hope you are okay Liam we are all worried about you at our home,” said another viewer. “You looked so shocked.”

One viewer chimed in: “Bet ratings for the next forecast were biggest ever...'Will he be there, will he be anywhere?'"

Liam Dutton has now explained what happened

However, the TV star has now cleared things up and explained that it was a technical issue.

“Hi everyone, Thanks for asking, but no need to worry, I’m fine,” Dutton posted on X.

“The wrong take of the pre-recorded weather was aired.”

He teased: “Who was at the door shall remain a mystery…”.

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