Who is UKIP new leader Lois Perry? Climate-denying, woke-mind-virus battling politician

Lois Perry has blonde hair and was wearing a red top during her video statement issued by UKIP following her success in the leadership elections
Who is Lois Perry, the new leader of UKIP? We take a look at the climate-denying, woke-mind-virus battling politician -Credit:UKIP

UKIP has revealed its new leader following the retirement from frontline politics of Neil Hamilton. Lois Perry came on top during the leadership elections, with the results showing that she received 77.4 per cent of the votes, beating the other candidate - former MEP Bill Etheridge - in the race.

Lois is a right-wing commentator who makes regular appearances on GB News, where she announced her run for UKIP leadership in January. She is also the founder of CAR26, a UK climate science denial group which was formed ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in 2021.

The group called for an "informed rational analysis of climate matters with an irreverent satirical spin – poking fun and calling out hypocrisy", with Lois even calling net zero "net stupid" in her winning statement. She has further played down the impact of climate change in her GB News appearances, and also hosts a YouTube show with Talk TV host Andre Walker called The Lois and Andre Show, sponsored by CAR26.

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Lois was also the South East representative for Laurence Fox's Reclaim Party. She will be supported by her nominated deputy leader, Nick Tenconi from Turning Point UK, with Bill Etheridge also potentially set to "play a key part".

Lois Perry's statement in full after being made new UKIP leader

Lois said: "Thank you to the members for electing me to the position of leader and to the members who didn’t, lend me your trust; I will not let you down. We are the only political party which has ever achieved what it set out to do, namely removing the UK from the EU’s stranglehold.

"That is the United Kingdom Independence Party – or UKIP to its friends! Under my leadership there will be no negativity, no infighting, we will just work on getting stuff done.

"There is no place for racists or anti-semites in our party. Those who share British Values of decency, frees speech, democracy, King and Country, National Sovereignty and the Rule of British Law are at home in our party.

"Whatever their race, background or religion, people who believe in UKIP’s values, British Values are welcome to join our growing party. That includes political parties, potential candidates and sitting MPs from opposing parties.

"The battle we are facing is much bigger than any one of us. There are three specific things we need to do.

"Firstly, we are fighting a woke mind virus which stems from communism. We must protect our children and young adults especially.

"Secondly, we must completely extract ourselves from “Net Stupid” – Net Zero. Only energy independence equals complete national sovereignty.

"Last, but by no means least, we must tackle the rising tide of Islamic extremism in the UK. We are a Christian country with strong Judeo/Christian roots.

"There is no place for radical Islamism within our own borders. I will be an enemy to the enemies of Great Britain.

"I will be an enemy to the enemies of freedom. I will be an enemy to the hate speeches.

"I will be an enemy to the fundamentalists. I will be an enemy to the people who try to subvert our parliament and those who steal the opportunities from our young people.

"I will be an enemy to uncontrolled mass immigration, and I will be a defender of you. Together, we will defend this country in a way that has never been done before aside from when we saved this country from the tyranny of the European Union.

"We believe in British Independence, and we will fight, and we will win. My name is Lois Perry and as a mother I want to see a safer country, a future for our children, food on the table, happy, healthy families.

"Our focus will be future, family, food. I relish the opportunity this great party has bestowed upon me, and I promise, I will not let you or this country down."