Ukraine Battalion Defends Chasiv Yar as Zelensky Says Fighting 'Difficult'

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said they successfully repelled a Russian assault on Chasiv Yar in Ukraine’s Donetsk region on May 21, as footage showed smoke rising from multiple locations around the town.

In an address to the nation on May 18, Ukraine’s President Volodymr Zelensky said that the fighting was “difficult” along the southern front lines, including Chasiv Yar, but that “the Armed Forces are giving a worthy rebuff to the occupier.”

Speaking in his evening address on May 20, Zelensky said Russia was using guided aerial bombs in Chasiv Yar, repeating his call for the need of further air defenses.

Footage released by the “Black Swan” Battalion shows artillery targeting a line of soldiers along a dirt road. The soldiers are seen scattering when the assault begins.

The battalion said five attempts to break through Ukrainian lines of varying intensity were recorded, but none were successful.

Chasiv Yar lies just a few miles west of Bakhmut and is a important town blocking Russia’s path to Kostyantynivka. Credit: Black Swan Battalion via Storyful