Ukraine charity concert: When is the Wembley Stadium event and who will perform?

The “Lviv Aid” charity concert will raise money in support of Ukraine (Getty Images)
The “Lviv Aid” charity concert will raise money in support of Ukraine (Getty Images)

A Live Aid-style charity concert, dubbed “Lviv Aid”, is being planned, according to reports.

The Sun reported that the event will be held at Wembley Stadium and televised worldwide in an attempt to send a strong message to President Putin of Russia. Recently vigils were held across the UK to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia attacking Ukraine.

Here is what we know about the concert so far.

When will the Ukraine charity concert take place?

The concert is set to take place on June 24 and will be dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian president, Volodymr Zelensky, and his people to defeat Russia’s forces. The organisers said they had been working on putting together the event for a long time but they hadn’t been able to pick the date until now.

A source explained: “It’s something people have wanted to do for a while but a date has now been nailed down and booked at Wembley Stadium.” The source added that the only worry the team had regarding the date was that it clashed with Glastonbury, which would rule out a number of big names.

Who will perform at ‘Lviv Aid’?

According to the Sun’s source, the concert is “going to be huge, properly A-list and on a global scale. Invitations to perform are going out thick and fast to the biggest names in the business. Of course, there is an awareness that at relatively short notice, many superstars will have prior commitments. But they’re optimistic that a number of those they’ve spoken to are already on board.

“For bands like U2 and Bono, who are pretty outspoken about their views on war and conflict, it feels like a great opportunity to keep hammering home the severity of the situation out in Ukraine.”

Sir Paul McCartney, Adele, Florence and the Machine and Noel Gallagher are said to be among the stars the organisers are approaching for the event.