Ukraine says this is the Bradley and crew that took on and beat one of Putin's top tanks in a viral video

The crew of a Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley IVF that destroyed a Russian T-90M tank near Avdiivka in a recent viral video.
The crew of a Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley IVF that destroyed a Russian T-90M tank near Avdiivka in a recent viral video.47th Mechanized Brigade/Defense Ministry of Ukraine
  • A new photo shows the Ukrainian crew of the Bradley that fought and defeated a Russian T-90M tank.

  • A video of the battle went viral this week, showing the Bradley fighting vehicle pummeling the tank.

  • Putin has previously touted the T-90M as "the world's best tank."

A newly released photo shows the Ukrainian crew and the US-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle that fought and won against one of Russia's top tanks.

The photo comes on the heels of a viral video earlier this week depicting an intense battle between a Bradley and a Russian T-90M, a heavily armored tank Russian President Vladimir Putin once bragged was "the world's best."

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine shared on Friday the photo, which came courtesy of the 47th Mechanized Brigade, of the Ukrainian M2A2 Bradley IFV crew responsible for defeating the Russian T-90M on the battlefield. This is them.

Their fight against the tank was caught on video, which was shared by Ukraine earlier this week. In the video, the T-90M is seen taking heavy, repeated fire from the Bradley's 25mm chain gun.

The battle between the lightly armored combat vehicle and the heavily armored Russian tank armed with a powerful 125mm cannon highlights how valuable the Bradley can be on the battlefield. The vehicle first fielded in the 1980s can take on even modern tanks.

"Everyone has seen the video of how a Bradley fighting vehicle destroys a Russian T-90M "breakthrough" tank. However, no one has yet seen what these warriors look like with smelly nerves and thirst for victory," Ukraine's 47th Mechanized Brigade wrote in a Telegram post with the photo of the Bradley crew.

The post identified the men as Serhii, on the left, and Oleksandr, on the right. Before the war, one was a teacher, and the other was a motorcycle engineer, per a translation of the post.

"And now it is a powerful team, the strength of which lies in synergy," the post read.

The video of the fight between the Bradley and T-90M is the latest documenting the devastating fighting happening in Avdiivka, a city on the eastern front near occupied Donetsk. Since last October, Russia has been waging a vicious, costly offensive here, hoping to overwhelm Ukrainian defenses. So far, it has been unable to do so.

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