Ukrainian Himars kill 65 Russian soldiers lining up to greet commander

Himars rockets supplied to Ukraine have a range of up to 50 miles
Himars rockets supplied to Ukraine have a range of up to 50 miles - HANNIBAL HANSCHKE/EPA-EFE/SHUTTERSTOCK

More than 65 Russian soldiers have been killed in a Himars strike as they lined up in formation to greet a commander at a military base in the Donetsk region, Russian sources said.

Moscow-aligned military bloggers reported that three High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or Himars, struck a base of Russia’s 36th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade in the occupied village of Trudivs’ke in southern Donetsk.

Pictures and videos shared on social media appeared to show dozens of bodies strewn across a field, with others being lined up by survivors.

The strike was launched at about 9am on Tuesday when the military brigade was assembling, BBC Russia reported.

Servicemen of the 4th, 5th and 6th companies of the brigade were awaiting the arrival of Major General Oleg Moiseev, the commander of the 29th Army of the Eastern Military District, when the missiles struck.

The brigade’s permanent location is in the city of Borzya in the Trans-Baikal territory, but Ukraine had intelligence about the impromptu meeting with Maj Gen Moiseev, a leading war commander, it is reported.

Ukraine last carried out a big Himars strike in August, when it launched an attack on five Russian units on Dzharylhach island in Kherson, causing 200 casualties.

That strike was also aided by Ukrainian local intelligence, the National Resistance Centre reported.

Himars played a crucial role in halting Russian advances in the first year of the war after the United States announced it would deliver the weapons to Ukraine back in June 2022.

The missiles use GPS-guided rockets to allow precision targeting at a range of up to 50 miles.