Ulez drivers face new camera crackdown as TfL says 'we legally can'

ULEZ vigilantes have been warned over a new scheme to block cameras as Transport for London cracks down. Vandals vandalising low emission cameras in the capital have been warned over a clampdown on the practice, as TfL chiefs get tough.

Vigilantes have been warned that it is legal for authorities to remove bat boxes from cameras after protesters tried to get Ulez cameras taken down by using the boxes. A conservation charity has confirmed the boxes can be removed.

It comes after a letter attached to boxes installed on cameras in Chessington, North Cheam and Havering said doing so was "against the law". The letter read: "Stop, this is a bat box. Bats have been observed to be using this bat box as a resting place."

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TfL said: “We are working with environmental specialists to safely and legally remove these boxes.” Facebook users in April shared an image, opens new tab of a wooden box fixed with a bat symbol and attached to a roadside post.

“Very well played Britain ULEZ protesters covering cameras with bat boxes,” captions above the image, referring to London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), said. “Authorities not allowed to remove under their own law.”

The cheap wooden boxes are being fixed to some Ulez camera poles in a plot to stop technicians fixing them, The Sun newspaper reported. Kingsley Hamilton, of the Action Against Unfair Ulez online page, told the newspaper: “A number of bat boxes are being put up across London by unknown sources.

“I’m sure whoever is behind it is extremely grateful to TfL for providing the poles to house this protected species." The protester went on, telling the Sun: "Sadiq Khan will not want to be seen to be tampering with their homes after claiming to care so much about protecting the environment.”