Ulrika Jonsson 'distraught' over death of pet bulldog Nessie

Ulrika Jonsson is mourning the death of her pet bulldog. (Getty Images)
Ulrika Jonsson is mourning the death of her pet bulldog. (Getty Images)

Ulrika Jonsson is feeling “distraught and bereft” over the death of her beloved pet bulldog.

The 53-year-old TV presenter revealed last week that nine-year-old Nessie was suffering from kidney failure and had been allowed to come home after the vet said there was nothing more that could be done to treat her.

Jonsson has shared a picture of herself with Nessie on Instagram, announcing: “She’s gone.”

Among those to offer their condolences were former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona and reality TV star Vicky Pattison.

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Jonsson - who is mother daughters Martha, 16, and Bo, 20, and sons Cameron, 25, and Malcolm, 11 - has called Nessie her “firstborn fur baby” and said she was “the glue that holds us all together”.

She revealed earlier this month of Nessie: “This one’s kidneys are failing her. She also has an infected tooth.

“She’s a tough old bird. Nearly 10.

“Mummy will do whatever it takes to get you as well as possible. You are the glue that holds us all together, Nessie. Love you, Royal Empire My Fair Lady.”

Last week she updated her 128k followers: “Ma grande dame. My first born fur baby. Has spent 48hrs at our lovely vet’s.

“She’s not going to win this battle. I’ve been beyond distraught and bereft. We will keep her at home as long as we can. My girl. #nessie.”

Jonsson has had several new tattoos in 2020 - including one of a bulldog on an apron inked on her arm.

The Swedish-born former weather presenter also has a male bulldog called Leo.

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She previously lost another bulldog, Dexter, three years ago, when he died aged just four-years-old from severe bacterial infection MRSP.

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