UN Security Council votes in favour of Israel-Hamas ceasefire resolution

The UN Security Council has approved its first resolution endorsing a ceasefire plan aimed at ending the war between Israel and Hamas.

The US-drafted resolution lays out a three-phase ceasefire plan, which American President Joe Biden described as an Israeli initiative - though how effective it will be remains in question.

Reacting to the resolution, Hamas said it was ready to cooperate with mediators over implementing the principles of the plan.

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Ahead of the vote, Benjamin Netanyahu said Mr Biden presented only parts of the proposal, with the Israeli prime minister insisting any talk of a permanent ceasefire before dismantling Hamas's military capabilities is a non-starter.

The three-phase ceasefire plan calls for the release of more hostages and a temporary pause in hostilities that will last as long as it takes to negotiate the second phase, which aims to bring the release of all hostages, a "full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza" and "a permanent end to hostilities", according to an American-drafted resolution put before the UN Security Council.

The third phase calls for reconstruction in Gaza.

It's the first resolution adopted by the council supporting a specific ceasefire plan, weeks after the body voted in favour of an immediate ceasefire in March.

Of the 15 nations on the council, 14 supported the motion on Monday, while Russia abstained.

"We're waiting on Hamas to agree to the ceasefire deal it claims to want," US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the council before Monday's vote.

"With every passing day, needless suffering continues."

Ms Thomas-Greenfield said Egypt and Qatar has assured Washington they are working to ensure Hamas engages with ceasefire discussions, while the US will ensure Israel "lives up to its obligations as well".

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UK ambassador Barbara Woodward said the resolution was an "important step" towards bringing an end to the conflict.

"The situation in Gaza is catastrophic and the suffering has gone on for far too long," she said, adding the deal tabled is "something that the UK has long called for".