Unadopted road hit by another fly-tip - but a solution might be on the horizon

The sorry state Lion Brow was left in on May 1 -Credit:David Hopes
The sorry state Lion Brow was left in on May 1 -Credit:David Hopes

Residents on a ‘secluded’ north Manchester road have been blighted by ANOTHER fly-tip — but a solution to the ‘recurring’ problem might be on the horizon.

Those living on Lion Brow, an unadopted road in Blackley, claim they have been victims of fly-tipping for years. They also name speeding and potholes as bugbears which plague their daily lives.

However, they have been told by Manchester City Council that they need to pay for it to be brought up to an ‘acceptable standard’ in order to bring it under the council’s control and responsibility. Residents believe that bill will be around £26,000.

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The trail or rubbish residents woke up to -Credit:David Hopes
The trail or rubbish residents woke up to -Credit:David Hopes

Now, after the latest dump on the lane, spotted on May 1, the authority has agreed to ‘work closely with local residents’ to curb the practice. A council spokesperson said on Tuesday (May 7): "Although Lion Brow is an unadopted highway, we have received a request to remove the fly-tipped waste and it will be cleared this week.

"As an aside, given the secluded nature of this road, the council is also working closely with local residents on a longer-term, proactive strategy to help deter fly-tipping at this location in the future. Dumping waste is a particularly selfish act that is a blight on communities.

“We thank local people once again for their diligence in reporting incidents of fly-tipping so that we can clear the waste quickly while also collecting any evidence that could lead to a prosecution of those responsible."

It’s understood that the rubbish was cleared up on Wednesday (May 8) morning.

You can report fly-tipping in Manchester to the council online by using this form.