All the Unanswered Questions Around Oklahoma Teen Noah Presgrove's Death

Here's everything that is known — and unknown — about the mysterious death of the Oklahoma teen

<p>Courtesy of Madison Rawlings </p> Noah Presgrove during his senior year in high school, 2022-2023.

Courtesy of Madison Rawlings

Noah Presgrove during his senior year in high school, 2022-2023.
  • Noah Presgrove was found on the side of an Oklahoma highway with “multiple blunt force injuries” covering his body on Sept. 4, 2023

  • Although authorities have shared a cause of death for the Oklahoma teen, how he got those injuries officially remains “undetermined"

  • “The report answers some questions but also raises many more,” Noah's brother told PEOPLE on May 13, after reviewing his brother’s full autopsy report

Although new information regarding what happened to Oklahoma teen Noah Presgrove was just released, many unanswered questions remain about his mysterious death.

In the predawn darkness of Sept. 4, 2023, a passing truck driver saw a teenager lying in the fetal position on the side of an Oklahoma highway. Blood pooled by his head. The driver called 911, sparking a monthslong investigation.

In May, the teen’s autopsy report, obtained by PEOPLE, revealed that he died of “multiple blunt force injuries” but that the cause of those injuries remains “undetermined.” It's now been eight months since his death, and authorities are still far from piecing together what really happened — while some of those closest to the investigation say they have more questions than answers.

Here's everything we know about what remains to be discovered.

What happened in the hours leading up to Noah’s death?

<p>Madison Rawlings/GoFundMe</p> Noah Presgrove

Madison Rawlings/GoFundMe

Noah Presgrove

Noah was drinking at a house party in Terral, Okla., on Sept, 3, 2023, the night before he was found dead.

At some point, the teen left the party and “rode an ATV ranger vehicle with several men that had a roll over incident,” according to a narrative describing the circumstances of his death in his full autopsy report, which was obtained by PEOPLE on Monday, May 13.

Additional details about what that "incident" entailed were not included in the report, which only noted that Noah survived and “returned to the party where he got into an argument." He later left the party at an unspecified time.

Noah's brother, Dailen Presgrove, previously told PEOPLE that investigators have collected Snapchats, videos and text messages from partygoers, however the timeline of events is still incomplete.

How did Noah’s body end up on the side of the highway?

It is unclear when and where he died, but at 5:53 a.m. on Sept. 4, 2023, a passing truck driver reported seeing his battered body curled on the side of Highway 81.

According to the narrative of Noah’s death included in his autopsy, the two-lane highway passing through Terral is “poorly lit at night” with two traffic lanes including shoulders on each side and with a speed limit of 65 mph.

In the autopsy report, he was listed as a pedestrian, with authorities noting that “no vehicle parts or debris,” were found on the road near his body.

His brother previously told PEOPLE that authorities have told him that they do not believe Noah was involved in a hit and run. Authorities have also said that although the case remains open, they are not investigating the teen's death as a murder.

Why was Noah naked, wearing only mismatched shoes?

<p>Courtesy of Madison Rawlings </p> Noah Presgrove (center) with his parents Victor Presgrove (left) and Kasey Elliot (right) at his high school wrestling team's senior night.

Courtesy of Madison Rawlings

Noah Presgrove (center) with his parents Victor Presgrove (left) and Kasey Elliot (right) at his high school wrestling team's senior night.

The state of Noah’s body is still the subject of many of his family’s most urgent and unanswered questions. The way his brother was found, Dailen has said, is “odd.”

Naked, Noah was curled in the fetal position, wearing only mismatched shoes: an Adidas on his left and a Hey Dudes on his right, per the autopsy report. “Debris and grass” were stuck in the laces of each, with more in the left shoe.

Additionally, the outline of a stick figure was scrawled on his right thigh — though it's not clear from the report how old the drawing was or if it could have been added by Noah himself before he died. "Three pieces of a white metal chain as well as part of a tooth” were also within feet of his body.

“The report answers some questions but also raises many more,” Dailen told PEOPLE after reviewing the report. "I'm at a loss of words."

What Is Noah’s manner of death?

<p>Courtesy of Madison Rawlings </p> Noah Presgrove at his senior prom, spring 2023.

Courtesy of Madison Rawlings

Noah Presgrove at his senior prom, spring 2023.

The two most important components of an autopsy report are the cause and manner of death, the latter of which answers the question: “how did it happen?” In solved cases, the manner of death is typically assigned the following categories: “natural,” “accident,” “suicide,” or “homicide.”

In Noah’s case, the medical examiner has said that the 19-year-old died from “multiple blunt force injuries." But how Noah became injured in the first place remains “unknown.”

Included in the autopsy report are toxicology tests, Those tests appeared clean, with no amphetamine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, opiates, PCP, barbiturates, or benzodiazepines detected in his system. (The panel of tests are not designed to detect other drugs like oxycodone, methadone, or clonazepam.)

Alcohol was found in his system, although it’s unclear what effect, if any, that had in the circumstances surrounding his death.

“At this time, what transpired on how the body was found on the road having multiple blunt force injuries is unknown,” medical examiner Leonardo Roquero wrote in the autopsy report. “Therefore, the manner of death is deemed undetermined.”

What are police still looking for? 

<p>Courtesy of Madison Rawlings </p> Noah Presgrove at the beach, summer 2022.

Courtesy of Madison Rawlings

Noah Presgrove at the beach, summer 2022.

Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety previously confirmed to PEOPLE that while authorities are not “currently” investigating the case as a murder, “the investigation is not over.”

“Investigators have conducted numerous interviews and reviewed leads and evidence,” Sarah Stewart of the state’s law enforcement agency said in the May 2 statement, noting that Noah’s death case remains open and is currently being jointly investigated by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

PEOPLE has reached out to Stewart multiple times since her May 2 statement, with questions about the ongoing investigation, but has not received any additional response.

Looking for answers, Noah’s brother Dailen has set up a GoFundMe to hire a private investigator with a background in law enforcement who can put “new eyes” on the facts and hopefully “solve the case."

“There are many conflicting accounts of that night,” he previously told PEOPLE. “With so much time passing, it seems that the stories are changing. Other times it feels that they are reading off of a script. It’s hard to trust anyone.”

Authorities ask that if you have information about Noah’s death, you contact the Southwest Regional Communications Center at 580-353-0783.

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