A room with an (ocean) view: Underwater hotel suite near remote African island lets you 'sleep with the fishes'

The 'Underwater Room' at Pemba Island's Manta Resort. (Manta Resort)

It's the hotel room which gives a new twist to the phrase 'sleeping with the fishes'.

For the 'Underwater Room' off Pemba Island, off the coast of Tanzania, allows you to wake up with not dramatic views of East Africa but from four metres beneath the Indian Ocean.

And as for noisy neighbours, well that will be down to the antics of the marine life moving past the large windows of this submerged island home.

The unusual hotel suite 250 metres from Pemba Island was designed by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels and forms part of the 16-room Manta resort.

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It has two additional floors, a top deck for sunbathing and stargazing and a bathroom and lounge at sea level.

Guests are also able to spotlight the water around the room at night to have a spectacular view of the ocean wildlife.

Although it looks like it floats in the middle of the ocean it is actually tethered to the seabed.

The cost for the underwater adventure doesn't come cheap - £929 for a double room per night.