Underwater Volcano Erupts in South Pacific

An active underwater volcano erupted early on Wednesday, February 1, near the South Pacific island of Epi, in Vanuatu, with authorities advising the local population to stay on alert for a possible tsunami threat.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department reported an increase in activity from the East Epi volcano at around 7:48 am, with steam spewing out.

Footage captured by local public works employee Ann shows steam rising from the volcano site. “When we passed, the huge eruptions stopped but we could see the seawater boiling and the steam rising,” Ann told Storyful.

The meteorology department said that the danger zone was along the east side of the island. The department also said the eruption was raised to Alert Level 1 due to “continuous ash emissions.”

People on Epi, Tongoa, and the surrounding islands were advised to stay clear of the coast due to potential tsunamis, meteorologists said. Credit: Ann via Storyful

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