Unfortunate if you miss this sensational new musical which delves into the true story of Ursula the sea witch

Shawna Hamic is the extraordinarily talented Ursula in this sparkling new musical -Credit:Pamela Raith
Shawna Hamic is the extraordinarily talented Ursula in this sparkling new musical -Credit:Pamela Raith

Unfortunate, Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

April 30 2024


WALT Disney may not exactly be spinning in his grave at this fresh look at his Little Mermaid but he could well be reaching for a rainbow coloured shroud.

Unfortunate is a dragtastic, LGBTQ trip beyond the realms of cartoonville with a belting soundtrack and voices to match.

Unfortunate tells the story behind the story of Ursula the Sea Witch - think Wicked/Wizard of Oz.

But its use of raw language means this is not one for the kids - and that’s actually a real shame because it carries powerful body image messages which could do wonders for those feeling a bit adrift from the mainstream.

The language, while ripe, is not gratituous and every curse is beautifully constructed by Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx - a real masterclass in profanity.

But don’t think for a moment this is just a bawdy snipe at the mermaid story, it’s so much more than that.

It pretty much follows the story of Ariel and her fishy friends but in Ursula we learn how she came to be the most feared creature of the deep.

And Shawna Hamic is simply sensational as the unashamedly proud plus sized creature. She has a voice to sign your own contract for and a stage presence to match.

Drag Race UK’s River Medway is Ariel and her true love’s kiss with Jamie Lawson’s Eric also doesn’t follow the traditional tale and it is all the better for the modern twist.

I’ve always thought Eric was a shallow waste of space - although Lawson does play him superbly.

Thomas Lowe is also a delight as Tritan but Julian Capolei’s multi roles threaten to steal the show.

The set is an homage to Disney, the lighting beautifully captures the essence of the piece and the costumes are a joy.

This is not so much a feel good show as a feel f*****g fantastic experience and restores your faith in the musical theatre genre.

•Runs until Saturday.