Unhappy Birthday: Is December 16 The Worst Day Of The Year To Be Born?

In the mad rush towards Christmas it’s easy to neglect friends and family as the end of year approaches.

It’s one of the reasons why, according to new research, it’s a terrible time to celebrate your birthday.

A report has pinpointed tomorrow – December 16 – as the very worst day of the year to be born.

The date – on which luminaries Ludwig Van Beethoven and Jane Austen shared a birthday – is cold, too close to Christmas, and likely to be forgotten among festive celebrations, according to research by Interflora.

By cross-referencing the birth dates of 2,000 Britons with the average number of presents received and the likelihood of friends attending a party, they were able to pinpoint the best and worst dates for a birthday.

July 28 came out top, while the winter months in general did badly – with December and January birthdays most likely to be forgotten.

Sixteen per cent of people born in December said they were “unhappy” with their birth date. January (15 per cent) and November (11 per cent) followed.

The research even went as far to claim that those in December are least likely to go on to become a top earner.

The best birthdays, according to the research, tend be be close to pay day and when it’s likely to be hot.

Those born in August even tend to receive the most expensive gifts.

The company has created an app to measure how ‘good’ a person’s birthday is.

Bethany Day, brand manager for Interflora, said: “We’ve created our ‘rate your birthday’ app as a fun way of highlighting those 'forgotten’ birthdays and to help people make the most of their special day, no matter where in the year it falls.”

(Flickr/Matt Clark)