Uninsured BMW driver has car seized after speeding past police in Plymouth

A car was seized in north Plymouth after officers found it abandoned
A blue BMW was seized in north Plymouth after officers found it abandoned -Credit:Plymouth North Police

A blue BMW was found abandoned on the road and seized after police officers spotted it speeding through the north of Plymouth and being driven erratically. Officers found the car without its driver on the evening of Thursday, April 11, while heading to Southway to carry out reassurance patrols.

The car drove past officers at speed and caused another driver to brake sharply, Plymouth North Police said in a post on social media. Officers recognised the driver as having no insurance or licence.

After the marked police car had turned around, they found the car parked and abandoned by the driver. The car was seized by officers.

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Plymouth North Police said: "One of our NBMs (neighbourhood beat manager) was heading to Southway this evening to do some reassurance patrols when another car approached at speed and causing the other driver to have to emergency brake. This driver was recognised as a male driving with no insurance or no licence.

"When the marked car had turned round the vehicle was found parked up, and rather strangely, the driver was no longer with the car! The car was seized for being driven with no insurance and the driver can expect a little bit of paperwork heading their way in the post!"