Union extends deadline to council body ahead of imminent Scottish school strikes

A union has agreed to give the body responsible for Scotland’s councils an extension to propose a better pay deal or risk school staff going on strike across the nation.

Unite has given the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) an extra day – until 5pm on Thursday – to improve on its proposed £1,929 wage rise.

A spokesman for the union said it will meet with Cosla at 9am on Friday to consider any new proposal.

The union rejected the current offer from Cosla last Friday.

School staff including janitors, classroom assistants and cooking staff are currently scheduled to walk out for three days from next Tuesday.

The strikes will affect schools across much of Scotland, and many will be forced to close.

Unite union logo
School staff will walk out for three days from Tuesday if a fresh pay deal is not tabled (PA)

At least one local authority has already confirmed school closures.

In a letter sent to parents and carers on Tuesday, Falkirk Council said most of its schools will shut from Tuesday September 26 until Friday September 28.

There are more than 60 schools in Falkirk, including early learning centres, primary and secondary schools.

Just eight will remain open during the strikes.

The letter said: “Given the anticipated level of support for this strike action, it is likely to cause significant disruption to our normal service provision.

“We therefore cannot ensure that normal pupil supervision and support, continuity of learning, and delivery of meal provision will be in place on those days.

“Specialist transport for children and young people is also unable to be provided.”

A Cosla spokesperson said on Wednesday: “There was a constructive meeting of council leaders first thing yesterday morning, where they were all in agreement about the next steps in seeking to resolve this pay dispute.”