Unique £99 smartphone launching in the UK with a very special feature

Meet the new HMD Pulse phones -Credit:HMD

A brand new £99 smartphone is about to drop in the UK and it comes with a super unique feature that will allow them to be repaired from home.

The people behind the latest Nokia smartphones are launching new HMD phones so as to put their own branding on things, reports the Express.

These new gadgets include the HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse and they all feature a unique design that will allow them to be easily repaired from home.

The brand even claims that HMD phone owners will be able to replace a damaged display, bent charging port, or a depleted battery, without any previous experience.

If you do have a breakage, then repair kits will be available for as little as £17.99 via a partnership with iFixit. The brand trialled this concept before with Nokia devices such as the Nokia G22 and Nokia G42.

However, most other devices still require a trip to their shops if you drop their devices and break them. The new Pulse phones from HMD also feature long battery life, a large display and a decent camera.

HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse are available now online at hmd.com -Credit:HMD

The Pulse Pro, which is more expensive, even comes with a 50MP selfie camera for the ultimate photo of your face. Other extras include AI image editing which helps boost the family images automatically plus they come with a smart design, fast charging and numerous colours to choose from.

However, this phone cannot access 5G data speeds as they only have 4G antennas built in. The HMD Pulse+ starts from £129.99 and gets a 6.65-inch display along with a 50MP rear camera. The cheaper HMD Pulse also includes a 6.65-inch display but gets a less impressive 13MP dual-lens snapper.

There's no pricing yet for the more premium Pro model. HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse are available now online at hmd.com and coming soon to Vodafone and O2 stores across the UK.

When discussing the release of the new Pulse phones, CMO of Human Mobile Devices (HMD), Lars Silberbauer, said: "We’ve got our finger on the pulse, and recognise consumers’ needs and anticipate market trends; repair is the cornerstone of a fresh chapter in smartphone innovation. Forget the ordinary, this is a new era of smartphone sophistication with substance."

You can check out the Pulse Pro, Pulse+ and Pulse here.

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