'Unique Piece of Automotive Art': Painstaking Work Creates Crystal BMW

Two artisans and their team, specializing in crystal art, dedicated over three weeks to meticulously hand-place more than two million crystals onto a BMW, to create what they called a “unique piece of automotive art”.

The talented duo of Sasha Socko and Olga Azaroff run Crystals Motors, and now invite other car owners to get the same treatment. “You can rent this miracle machine today to experience the crystals firsthand,” they said on Instagram.

Socko said a total of six “crystal artists” worked on the car, and that they had already “started work on the next project.”

Video posted to the @crystal.motors TikTok profile shows some of the painstaking process, followed by the end result and some impressed onlookers at a local mall. Credit: @crystals.motors via Storyful

Video transcript


- Individually?

- Unless it's a sheet.

- I wonder what they have on their business cards?

- Yeah you want to [INAUDIBLE]?