Universal Studios Hollywood stunt performer rushed to hospital after fiery incident at Waterworld show

The entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood (Getty Images)
The entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood (Getty Images)

A stunt performer working at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park was rushed to hospital following an incident at its Waterworld show.

The live event, adapted from the 1995 blockbuster movie starring Kevin Costner, is a regular fixture at the popular Los Angeles tourist attraction.

According to Henry Narvaez, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, paramedics were called to the scene at 2.09pm on Monday 23 January.

EMTs then moved the performer, who was receiving CPR from others when they arrived, to a nearby hospital, per theLos Angeles Times.

“We can confirm a performer with one of our long-standing show vendors was transported to the hospital following a stunt during an afternoon performance yesterday, and our thoughts are with him as he receives care,” a spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood told the outlet.

“Details surrounding the event are being reviewed.”

No further details regarding the incident or the status of the theme park employee were officially divulged.

TV news channel KABC7-TV reported that, per eyewitness testimony, a stunt performer had fallen from a tower into a pool of water while lit on fire, for part of the show’s grand finale.

However, cast members were quickly seen rescuing the person from the water, after they fell unconscious.

“Everyone in the staff and the crew is doing this together not letting this person die,” said theme park guest Daisy Anguiano. “He was unconscious while dragging him from the water.”

Following the incident, the Waterworld show was called off and guests were escorted away from the venue.