Unlikely landmark could be a 'bull with no horns' or a 'super cow potato'

People are still debating what exactly this unlikely landmark is.

The stern statue that sits towards the end of Otterspool Promenade has many characteristics of various creatures and because of this, it has been called many things.

The red concrete monument dons the sturdy hoofs of a horse, the distinctive hump of a camel and to top it off, a thin yet twirly moustache and goatee reminiscent of Don Diego De la Vega’s alter ego Zorro.

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The caricature-like figure was created by Indian sculptor Dhruva Mistry for the Liverpool Garden Festival of 1984 and moved to its current location on the prom in 2006. Some believe it is based on the indigenous Zebu cattle whilst others have suggested it could easily be mistaken for an American Braham.

Even locally, you will hear people refer to 'the big pink hippo cow thingy by the water'.

After we took a visit to the landmark for ourselves, Liverpool ECHO readers chimed in with what they thought the statue was.

Neal Antony Clague joked: “Liverpool FC’s title trojan horse,” whereas Judy Wall said it was a “red bull”.

Joanne Burke said she always “thinks of the laughing cow cheese” when she sees it. Daniel Meakin believes it's a “bull with no horns” and Simon Matthews refers to it as a “super cow potato”.

Roy Lindo said it was a “red giraffe” and alternatively Joe Kirby thought it was a My Little Pony “with no hair”.

Jay Miller believes it’s a mix between a cow and a hippo and Neil Dickson referred to it as a “Chief Sitting Bull”.

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