Upgraded's Archie Renaux says chemistry with Camila Mendes came "pretty naturally"

Shadow and Bone star Archie Renaux is back in the rom-com genre with new Prime Video movie Upgraded, which is released tomorrow (February 9).

The movie sees Renaux team up with Riverdale star Camila Mendes in a classic rom-com story of a meet-cute on a plane that leads to a case of mistaken identity as Ana (Mendes) pretends to be a high-powered art boss.

Talking to Digital Spy, Renaux explained how the chemistry with Mendes was "pretty easy" to develop, even before filming.

"I find [it] easy to get to know a person quickly [by having] a little bit of a laugh and a joke around. That came pretty naturally, she's a lot of fun. It was really easy and we were bouncing off each other right away," he praised.

camila mendes, upgraded
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"We needed that in this film to have that bouncy banter and to ping off each other, it was straightforward to get to that."

Mendes agreed with her co-star, adding that working with Renaux was something she wanted to do given that the duo share the same manager.

"I was always like, 'He's such a cutie, I have such a little crush'," she joked to Digital Spy. "So as soon as [my manager] was like, 'We should bring him onto this project', I was like, 'Absolutely, yes'.

"She put us in touch over a group text and he and I just texted for months leading up to the film to get to know each other and create a little bit of a banter so we have enough chemistry going into it, and there was some familiarity."

camila mendes, archie renaux, upgraded
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Upgraded also marks the first time that Mendes has been an executive producer on a movie, which she found was helped by her seven years working on Riverdale.

"Being on a show for that long and working with several directors and always interacting with the producers, I naturally picked up a skillset that I didn't know I truly had until I was thrown into this experience," she noted.

Upgraded is released on Prime Video on February 9.

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