UPS Driver Threatens California Family After They Confront Him Over Delivery

Home security footage captured on June 29 shows a UPS driver threatening a family in Fresno, California, after they confronted him for dumping a package on plants they had been raising to sell for their small business.

In this footage supplied to Storyful by homeowner Brittnee, she can be heard asking the driver if had thought about where he was putting the delivery. He replies, “I don’t need to think about nothing. [You’re] getting your stuff.”

When Brittnee’s husband becomes involved, the driver threatens him, saying, “Man, bring your a** out here! The f*** is wrong with you? Before I beat your a**!”

The exchange comes to an end after Brittnee tells the driver to leave her property before she calls the police, to which the driver tells her to call 911. Brittnee says that 911 is for emergencies, prompting the driver to say, “There’s gonna be an emergency.”

In a statement to local media, a UPS spokesperson said apologised “for our driver’s language and behavior.”

“It was inexcusable and not representative of our workforce,” the statement said. "We will investigate and take appropriate disciplinary measures.” Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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