Uptons, Hinton and Tower House - remember these shops from Teesside's past?

Over the years, many once familiar places where we shopped for everything from groceries to school uniform, pick n’mix to party dresses have vanished from Teesside’s towns.

Well here are 15 of them - and we reckon you’ll remember more.

Let us know what you remember buying in the likes of Uptons, Frankie Dee and Tower House and see if these jog a few memories.

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1. Newhouses was a Middlesbrough stalwart, occupying a prime site - which quickly became known as Newhouses Corner - in Middlesbrough town centre. It was originally built in 1911 replacing a pub, The King’s Head. In January 1960 Mr H C Newhouse, grandson of founder John, announced that controlling shares had been sold to Debenhams which still stands on the site.

2. Uptons was well known throughout Teesside with stores in several towns selling everything from homewares to fashion. One of its biggest stores was on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough - where the Psyche department store currently stands. It had branches in South Bank and Redcar to name just a few.

3. Anyone remember Tower House? The department store occupied a corner site where McDonald’s Middlesbrough is now. The Gazette’s archive has pictures taken inside the store as well as its exterior - we reckon some of you will remember when the goods were displayed in glass cases and store assistants would bring them out for you to have a closer look at.

Department store Wright’s opened the shop in 1910 situated on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Grange Road. It closed with the loss of 55 jobs in 1986 and demolition crews moved in in April 1987.

4. Where did your mam do her grocery shopping? Walter Willson used to be a well known name around Teesside with branches in several areas including Guisborough and Loftus.

Hill Street Shopping Centre in 1982
Newhouses Corner on Linthorpe Road and Corporation Road, Middlesbrough

5. Long before there was a Greggs in every Teesside town, there was probably a Carricks. Many of them had cafes in too if you fancied a rest from the shopping. Our picture shows the branch in Middlesbrough’s Hill Street Centre.

6. Woolworths caused shockwaves around the world when it announced its stores were set for closure. It had stores across Teesside - Middlesbrough’s was on Linthorpe Road before moving into the Hill Street Centre. Redcar’s was the last Teesside store in the chain to close when it shut its doors in 2009.

Frank Dee Supermarket, Teesside. 1976.
Uptons, Middlesbrough, 2000

7. Supermarket favourite Frank Dee had branches across Teesside too. Better known to shoppers as ‘Frankie Dees’, our pictures show the ormesby-and-berwick-hills>North Ormesby branch.

8. Hintons was another Teesside stalwart for groceries with branches just about everywhere.

Founded by Amos Hinton in Middlesbrough in 1871, the company was taken over by Argyll Foods in 1984 and its stores converted to Presto stores. By then, there were 55 Hintons shops and 30 off licences plus a head office and warehouse in Thornaby.

9. Dormand Stewart sold clothes and rainware from their shop on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. Older memories out there might remember their “We Shall Have Rain” logo.

10. Department store Robinsons in Stockton had a restaurant and a cafe too. It opened in 1901 and the name Robinsons lasted until 1962 when the store became a branch of Debenhams.

Littlewoods, pictured in 1994
Tower House in Middlesbrough

11. More than a few of you will remember shopping in Littlewoods, Middlesbrough.

The store had a front on to Linthorpe Road and opened in to the Cleveland Centre too, it had its own restaurant in store as well.

12. Sparks bakeries were a well known Teesside name with a factory - the Daylight Bakery - producing its goods which was based in Stockton’s Bishopton Avenue.

The chain had cafes and bakeries across Teesside.

13. North Ormesby residents will remember Arthur Pearce, a chain of clothing shops which branched out in to Corporation Road, Middlesbrough.

Smeaton Street was home to two branches of Arthur Pearce in the 1950s, a gentleman’s outfitter and a women and children’s store. The Corporation Road shop, which opened in 1955, was roughly in the area near The Empire.

14. C&A ceased trading in Middlesbrough in summer 2000. It originally opened in 1960 as C&A Modes on what had been part of the Dickson and Benson store site.

Shoppers might remember it was on the site of the current Next store on Linthorpe Road and had two floors.

15. Geordie Jeans in the Dundas Arcade, Middlesbrough was once the go to store for denims. Remember buying drainpipes - or skinny jeans to all you kids - in the 80s?