Uri Geller claims he delayed Brexit by creating parliament leak with psychic powers

Illusionist and self-proclaimed spoon bender Uri Geller has claimed responsibility for the House of Commons chamber roof leak on Thursday 4 April, saying he messed with the pipes telepathically in an attempt to stop Brexit.

The flood was reportedly so disruptive that the MPs gathered were forced to postpone as they "couldn't hear themselves speak," according to The Sun.

Shortly after the news broke, Geller took to Twitter to write: "yes I did it @HouseofCommons ! I bent the pipes, and I won't apologise, you all deserve it! #brexit #startfromscratch".

More recently, he appeared as a guest on LBC radio station and reiterated how it was all his doing. He even explained that he was inspired to carry out the task when a pipe burst in the coffee shop of his Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa. Israel.

"I got the idea, I'm going to burst or bend a pipe in the parliament," the 72-year-old told host Tom Swarbrick. "Because I prepared a letter to the Telegraph. I sent the letter, I concentrated and the pipe burst.

【ギャラリー】Uri Geller16

"I love the people of the UK, I'm passionate about the country and I care about the young people. I'm against what's happening."

"I can't sack them, but I can soak them," he added.

Geller went on to explain that he's likely to get away with wreaking havoc in the House of Commons because the British government would never believe that he has the ability to move things with his mind.

In March, Geller issued an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to stop Brexit going through before he took "drastic course of action" and warning that he was "capable of executing" any future plans with his abilities.

He wrote: "I feel psychically and very strongly that most British people do not want Brexit. I love you very much but I will not allow you to lead Britain into Brexit.

"As much as I admire you, I will stop you telepathically from doing this." If the leak is anything to go by, we don't doubt him...

- This article first appeared on Yahoo