US father drowns in frozen pond after falling through ice with young son

Kevin Howell was town manager of Carmel, Maine (Town of Carmel)
Kevin Howell was town manager of Carmel, Maine (Town of Carmel)

A father has drowned in the US after rescuing his four-year-old son from a frozen pond.

Kevin Howell and his son were crossing frozen-over Etna Pond, less than half-a-mile from their home in Maine, when they fell through the ice around 6.30am on Friday.

Mr Howell, 51, who served as manager of the town of Carmel, was able to get his son out of the water and told him to fetch his mother, authorities said.

The child ran home and told his mother, who rang 911 before grabbing an anchor and a rope and rushing to help her husband.

She secured the rope to the shore then went to help her husband, but she too broke through the ice and was unable to get out.

Penobscot Sheriff Detective Jordan Norton responded to a 911 call, and crawled across the ice, holding onto the rope.

He was able to pull Mr Howell's wife from the icy water, but could not find Mr Howell.

Six Maine Warden Service divers and one State Police diver were called to the scene.

Two warden service divers began a search around 1.40pm and found Mr Howell around 20 minutes later.

Etna Pond covers about 361 acres and has a depth of 12 feet. It lies in Maine, the most northeastern US state.