US moms create dating app for unvaccinated singles so that anti-vaxxers can find love online

Two moms from Hawaii have created a dating app for unvaccinated singles so that anti-vaxxers can find love online.


Shelby Thomson, 27, and Heather Pyle, 37, developed Unjected for people who refuse to take the coronavirus vaccine and do not want a vaccinated partner.


Shelby, a photographer, and Heather, a spa manager, came up with the idea in early February as they believed society was dividing into those who wanted the vaccine and those who did not want the jab.


Shelby claimed that people who refuse to have the shot are now being treated as second class citizens in the US.


The mom-of-two who lives in Maui, Hawaii, said: "We think there has been a silent majority that are really uncomfortable with what's going on.


"It's time for us to speak out about it because we are basically being told that we are second class citizens for not taking the vaccine.


"We don't appreciate the segregation and we don't approve of it, so we decided to create our own community where we feel welcome."


Shelby said that she has chosen to not have the vaccine for fear of unknown long term effects and added that her own research has made her feel uneasy about the jab.


"My reasons are all about my own personal health, my own research that I've done.


"There have been studies that say spike proteins introduced into the body through the vaccine could be transmitted between partners through the breath or passed on through sweat."


All medical authorities have stated that the COVID vaccines are safe to use.


Shelby admitted that her anti-vax stance has cost her friends which motivated her to start Unjected.


"By their own personal choice, people have turned away from me and we expect that will carry on.


"We definitely expect to be scrutinized and ostracized but we love our children enough to fight for them and I don't want to be silently compliant.


"That's why we decided to start an app for people who want to meet up with likeminded unvaccinated individuals."


Not only does the app offer features to find people to date or be friends with, but it also has a directory of businesses and professionals who are unvaccinated.


Shelby said: "We added a directory for businesses, professionals, doctors and child care.


"So that if a business is looking for an unvaccinated employee they can post that listing there or if someone is looking for an unvaccinated doctor they can find them on the app.


"You can find your community of people."


The pair settled on the name 'Unjected' as a play on the word 'rejected' as they claim that unvaccinated people are being rejected by those who have had the jab.


"Heather and I just bounced ideas back and forth and we felt really rejected so we thought we would call it Unjected.


"I get messages all day long from people who send me screenshots of profiles on the big name dating apps.


"People are writing in their profiles: 'If you are unvacinnated, please keep looking'."


Unject launched on IOS on Friday [May 28] with membership costing $11.11 a month.


Shelby insisted there is a huge demand for the anti-vaxxer dating app, claiming to have received over 1,000 emails a week from people requesting to become users.


"On our Instagram, we have 10,000 followers and it seems to be growing by a thousand everyday.


"I receive over 1,000 emails a week with requests to join.


"Our website is going to be for all of our users outside the US.


"We have capabilities for 172 different countries.


"We have had interest from people in 45 US states.


"We are amazed by how near and far it really does go."