US mum surprises her childhood sweetheart by proposing to him four years after she called off their FIRST ENGAGEMENT

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This is the sweet moment a mum surprised her childhood sweetheart by proposing to him four years after she called off their first teenage engagement.

James McCune, 27, first proposed to Chandler Borchardt, 23, five years ago when she was just 18, but she called it off soon after due to their young age.

The pair went their separate ways - with Chandler marrying someone else and starting a family - but they reconnected when James got in touch in 2019.

Now single, they hit it off and decided to marry again - but Chandler told James she didn't expect him to propose AGAIN.

Instead, she got down on one knee and asked him to marry her - and even flew the engagement photographer from their first proposal 700 miles to be there.

Photographer Lauren Moffe - who snapped their engagement in 2016 - pretended to be a passer-by taking a cute holiday photo, when Chandler dropped down and proposed.

A heart-warming video shows his shocked and delighted reaction.

Chandler, a salon owner from Dripping Springs, Texas, said: "It's definitely one of those love stories people think would never have worked out. 

"It certainly has a crazy side but sometimes love is crazy.

"I went to the full extent of all the traditional stuff. 

"I took his mum ring shopping for him, and I flew Lauren out to Colorado - she also lives in Texas. 

"It went full circle. She'd taken photographs of us at our first proposal when I was 18 and she did it at our second. 

"We planned everything out so that Lauren and her friend would be people passing by. 

"I asked them to take a family picture of all of us sledding and that's what you can see in the video.

"I knew it was non-traditional - you don't see many women proposing to the man - but at the same time, our story was so unique and he'd already proposed to me.

"I was the one who called it off.  I felt it was my time to show him I was ready for that next step."

The pair first got engaged n July 2016.

They reconnected in 2019 when James, a lineman for a local electric company, reached out to his ex-fiancé to ask for help in getting hold of his old passport.

After realising her relationship had ended, he asked her to go out for drinks.

The couple now have a daughter together, 11-month old Brixlee, and care for her son from a previous marriage, three-year-old Thoryn. 

 Chandler said: "We met up and I immediately knew it was definitely supposed to be him. 

"We slowly continued talking, I gave him time to meet my son, and when he met my son it was game over from there. 

"He loved him like his own and my son calls him dad. It's precious watching them."

The second secret proposal took place on holiday in Colorado, in January 2021.

Her unsuspecting partner was thrown off the scent, because she had told him not to propose, because he would never top the last one, and they would just get married without an engagement. 

The couple, pregnant with her third child, plan to wed next summer. 

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