Used car expert shares list of reliable vehicles you should buy in 2024

honda civic
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Motoring enthusiasts searching for reliable used cars in 2024 have just received a tip-off from a motoring expert, highlighting three models to look for, with Toyota, Lexus, and Honda leading the pack. These second-hand gems start from around £10,000.

The advice, revealed by the TikTok channel @rudycars2 back in March, became an online sensation as thousands reacted to the announcement, indicating a smooth ride and capacious interiors as the recurring attributes of these vehicles. We looked into @rudycars2's top three pre-owned vehicle recommendations, explaining what makes these choices stand out.

Among the line-up is the Lexus IS300, which came in as the top pick due to its easy handling and quiet driving atmosphere. During a TikTok review, @rudycars2 commented: "First we have a 2017 Lexus IS300. This is by far the best bang for your buck car. The 2017 Lexus IS300 has a nice V6 engine. It's reliable and sporty, a great used car to buy."

Adding to the appeal, the expert mentioned the Lexus model boasts more features compared to its rivals, a factor that differentiates it in a busy market, reports the Express. The 2017 iteration of the Lexus IS300 fetches a price tag of just over £15,000 on AutoTrader, the UK's principal destination for new and second-hand car deals.

Despite the recommendation, one vigilant TikTok user pointed out that the Lexus IS300 might not be the most economical choice for those keeping an eye on their wallet, suggesting the running costs could surpass expectations. User @patrick. tugwell remarked: "Lexus IS300 also uses premium gas and gets max 20/gal. It's a beautiful car but it's hella expensive."

@rudycar2 stated: "The next used car is the 2021 Toyota Camry. This is a no-brainer buy because this year everyone is turning in their 2021 leases. Great used car to buy".

They added, "This is a fantastic, reliable and affordable used car that you can buy in the year 2024. Great body."

According to experts, the Camry ranks highly due to its fuel efficiency, capacious interior, and silky-smooth ride. However, those looking to purchase a Camry may need to spend a bit more, with CarGurus listing a 2021 model at over £20,000.

Moving on to the Honda Civic, it's praised for its spacious cabin, cutting-edge technology, and turbocharged engine. @rusycar2 remarked: "The next used car you should be buying in 2024 is a 2019 Honda Civic. I can't tell you how many times I see these cars with 200,00 miles, 300,000 miles, 400,000 miles and they just keep on running."

They continued, "And they have great resale value so when you're finally done with your Honda Civic you can trade it in and still get a pretty good value for it. A real good used car, Honda Civic." Due to its popularity, there's a wide selection of Honda Civics available, with AutoTrader offering some models for just over £10,000.