Usher 'fasts every Wednesday'

Usher has revealed that he fasts once a week, going without food every Wednesday.

"I fast, not for religious purposes, but it's something my grandmother practised," the 45-year-old star said in an interview with WSJ magazine.

"I fast on Wednesdays. I typically try to start around 11pm the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water."

On the days he does eat and drink, the singer likes to start the day with "a concoction of lemon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper. I drink it hot," he said.

He also revealed that he never eats before he's moved his body.

"I don't like to eat breakfast before I've worked out or done something physical: taking a walk, stretching or doing yoga, sitting in the sun and raising my body's natural heat levels. Then I eat."

Meditation is also a big part of his routine, he said, adding, "I try to wake up early enough to have a moment of reflection. Some days I may grab a book and read to stimulate my mind. I may sit quietly and meditate."

The eight-time Grammy award winner is currently working towards getting fit enough for his upcoming tour, which will support his ninth studio album, Coming Home.

"Normally, my workout regimen starts with either walking or with certain knee activations and reverse walking that I do to really engage my quads, my knees and glutes," he said. "Other than that, swimming is a really good thing to get me going and bike riding. Weight lifting, don't do a lot of that."

Usher performed the Super Bowl halftime show in February this year, calling the high-octane show the "hardest 15 minutes" of his life.