Usher's parenting dilemma

Usher was left with a parenting dilemma when his teenage son stole his phone to contact his favourite singer.

The 'OMG' hitmaker's 15-year-old son Naviyyd is such a big fan of PinkPantheress, he reached out via the 45-year-old singer's Instagram account to get in touch with her and ask her to follow his account, leaving his famous dad unimpressed.

Usher wrote on his Instagram Story: "So...a week or so ago my son, Naviyd, stole my phone so he could dm his favorite artist [PinkPantheress]...

"Now I just so happened to check my DMs earlier this past week and saw a message exchange from someone with a Powerpuff girl as their profile I'm like the hell is this. I opened it and I'm like oh this boy done DMd this girl from my phone..."

After Usher offered an apology to the starlet,, PinkPantheress invited the teenager and his dad to watch her perform, leaving the 'Hands of Stone' actor unclear on whether he should reward Naviyyd for breaking his trust.

He continued: "But because he did the MOST just to connect with her on my account... I had to act like he wasn't allowed to go... BUT...because my son is such a fan of her artistry...I decided to let him go."

Ultimately, the pair attended the show and the 'Yeah' hitmaker - who has Usher V, 16, and Naviyyd with ex-wife Tameka Foster and three-year-old Sovereign and 18-month-old Sire with wife Jenn Goicoechea - shared a photo of his son with PinkPantheress but vowed never to trust his offspring with his phone again.

Usher concluded: "This was a great moment for Naviyd ... this was him moving on something he was passionate about.

"Yes... he violated my trust in the process and for that I will never trust him around my phone, but I should have known better.

"Nonetheless, I appreciate the hustle and him makin it happen. From a text, to a concert, to the artist. He masterminded this whole thing and made it happen."